Lets hate sin! (In all its forms)

I don't know if it is just me, but more and more I'm noticing that Christians are celebrating sin and not mourning it. We are entertained by it and not ashamed of it. We are participants in it and yet act perturbed when someone calls us out on it. Why is this the case? Why don't we (especially the younger generations) take sin more seriously? What is happening to promote this "sin tolerance" amongst Christians in this generation?

In my opinion, it’s a lack of a solid Christian worldview.

A worldview is the lens through which one sees the world. It's the filter that all humans have that guides how we interpret the world around us.

I think that the deterioration of the Christian worldview plays a major role in a Christian’s tolerance of sin.

Its amazes me to see the excitement Christians have in regard to television programs and movies that promote nothing (even remotely) godly, yet that same level of excitement is altogether missing when it comes to praise and scripture study.

We can set our alarm clocks and set time aside to entertain ourselves, yet we have no real time to crack open the Word of God and pray.

To be sure, there is nothing inherently wrong with sitting back and enjoying a television program, for there is much to glean from television. Watching a sport on T.V. is no sin, for they don't promote nor do they entertain with disobedience to God. However, why is it that my generation is engrossed with programs that endorse bloodshed, distort truth, and display adultery all to the neglect of repentance from sin or even an allusion that sin is bad? To be sure, the Bible has bloodshed in it. The Bible also contains people lying and committing adultery. So what’s the difference? The difference is the Bible doesn't intend to entertain you with these sins. But rather calls them out for what they are and shows God's perspective and just actions towards them.

John MacAthur had a wonderful quote that I would love to share with you. He said, "We should not be entertained by the sins for which Christ died." 


A La Carte (December 6)

Think what you want about Pastor MacArthur, but this statement rings true.

We are pleased and satisfied in things other than God, and according to God's Word that is sin.

We don't hate sin because it seems to satisfy us, though it doesn't.

We don't hate sin because it’s not that big of a deal. But it is.

We don't hate sin because we have yet to seriously consider how it affects our God and our relationship to Him.

I recently taught a lesson on Joshua chapter 2, the story of Rahab and her actions of faith. To my amazement, almost my entire class thought that Rahab was justified in sinning because it saved the spies lives. Just because God used the sin doesn't mean that He prescribes it. 

(Acts 2.22-24; 4.27-28 are good examples using the cross to demonstrate this truth)

Our culture has decided that there are "big lies" and "little lies". Big lies impact people negatively while little lies have that potential but are usually "harmless", or in Rahab's case, beneficial.

Bottom line - Rahab sinned when she lied to the soldiers. What would you expect from a fresh convert who previously lived as a prostitute in a pagan land. No doubt she must have had to lie daily. Sanctification is a process it’s not overnight. Her old ways were undoubtedly in effect here.

Yet God, being full of mercy overlooked her sin, measured her faith and made provision for her to live. God may and does overlook our sin, but that doesn't mean that we should inundate ourselves in sin just because our sin has been paid for.

Young Christians, who lack a Christian worldview, have adopted nonsensical justifications for sin having no idea that sin is never good, no matter the circumstance. Remember Romans 6.1-2, we who have died to sin must no longer take part in it, even if we think good may come of it. That includes the "little" white lies too. For those little white lies are sins.

Young Christians, take God serious! Evaluate your lives according to scripture honestly. 

Dont ignore truth for fear of conviction!

It is sin that hung our Savior on the tree, drenched by His blood.

It is sin that caused our spiritual disconnect from the mercy seat.

So why do we allow it to entertain us so? Why do we bring it into our homes and have exhilarating conversation about it?

We need a Christian worldview.

A worldview that doesn't celebrate or justify sin; whether it be on TV, radio or otherwise.

A worldview that understands that the wounds of a friend are faithful; if they are willing to rebuke you,    they truly love you (Proverbs 27.6).

A worldview that calls out sin for what it is, lawlessness.

A worldview that has a high view of God, a right understanding of His holiness, and a high view of scripture.

We need to understand that what God says matters! And we best take heed to His Word.

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