Quick Verse on Christ as Priest

This verse was inspired by my readings in the book of Hebrews. Its far from comprehensive, but still true to the text. I pray your blessed!

It's the most critical position that’s written in Jewish history
He represents the atonement of mans inequity
Responsible for spilling blood upon the mercy seat
He's Christ Jesus, the fulfillment of the High Priest

The levitical priesthood of Aaron was insufficient
Inadequate to fulfill the fullness of God's intentions
The Old Testament: Exodus, Numbers, Leviticus
The sacrificial system, from foreshadow to fruition

He satisfied all the requirement in Hebrews five
Christ was a man, thus an acceptable sacrifice
But don't stop there homie, nah don't cease
He's not only the perfect sacrifice, He's the priest


There’s so much more that I couldn't mention
But praise God He's ever living to make intersession.