No Looking Back!

Gotta keep moving forward no time for that relapse
Full steam ahead, just like the amtrak
Never mind your former manner of life
You rep'n the King Jesus, call Him El Shaddai
Prayer, Concentration, Scripture Memorization
Essentials of this faith, you need it if you gonna make it
A true saint is gonna persevere dog lets face it
1 Corinth 5.17 the new creation

You gotta walk a path thats narrow and less traveled
If you want a faith hard as a rock, sharp as a arrow
Reverting to your old ways only gonna bring trouble
Your spirit be on bed-rock like barney rubble

Death, burial, resurrection and His ascension
Eternally the God-Man living for intercession
2 Tim 2.15 - Stay alert
1 Thess 5.17 - Cause prayer works
Joshua 1.8 - Thats meditation
Stay focused on the Lamb that brought about your expiation.