We're Moving!

As many of you know, my family and I will be transitioning from Webster, NY to Fort Worth, TX in hopes of planting a church with a group of amazing men and women! As with any cross country move, there are a number of things that we need in order to make the transition successful.


Thus, my wife and I have been asked to put together a prayer & item list for the people in our lives to consider. We most certainly covet your prayers and would be extra blessed for anything additional the Lord would have us receive. 

p.s. This is a "living" list, so things may be updated based on how the Lord provides.


Updated Requests: 

  • Refrigerator
  • Boxes/Newspaper


So without further ado, 

Prayer requests/Needs
[ ] For Diana's heart while parting from friends and family ; uprooting again
[ ] Travel mercies to DFW
[ ] Safety/protection as we transition into new neighborhood and environment
[ ] For our family to be a light in our neighborhood
[ ] God to begin working on the hearts of the people we will encounter and seek to minister to
[ ] God to send like minded/burdened workers to pray for and begin this ministry

[ ] God to provide a 2nd part time job for Kaynenn that can provide for our health insurance, utilities, groceries and also not sacrifice too much time away from home
[ ] Diana to find per diem work
[ ] Our desire is to continue homeschooling, but wisdom is needed with all these changes; to recognize if the Lord is leading us to sending our children to school instead
[ ] If we end up homeschooling, to find a solid homeschool community for support prayer and access to resources
[ ] To obtain a used car in good condition
[ ] For car insurance for that second car

[ ] Bunk beds for the girls
[ ] Storage or organizing bins or systems for homeschool supplies (cubbies)
[ ] Plastic storage bins
[ ] Shipping costs for our now owned car

[ ] gift cards for grocery:
[ ] Walmart
[ ] Kroger
[ ] Sam's club
[ ] BJ's
[ ] Gas cards