Office Rhyme

Jesus made us under-shepherds to go and shepherd the flock
To keep'm away from wolves and move'm close to the Rock
Teach'm how to pray, fast and read the Tanakh
From N.T. to O.T., Revelation to Lot

Uh, yeah homeboy it's that serious
If sin catches a win in my flock, man I'm furious

Hearts broken, mind's in agitation
Galatians 6:1 say the word, Restoration

Regeneration, thats the name of the game
Seeing man come to God, such a beautiful thing
He doesn't chase, whoo or drag man to the King
But He changes the disposition of the heart, He reigns

And thats why we need Gospel leadership
Strong men of God with which we can lead them with
Discipleship, exemplify how to faith live, we training a generation for this!