Are you chaff?

Why is it that so many potentially great men/women of God never seem to reach their full potential?

Of course that question is loaded, in the sense that God is sovereign and divinely ordains all that comes to pass. However true that may be, we know as Christians we cannot to always live at the bottom line. In other words, we can’t throw our hands up and ascribe to a form of fatalism.
We must recognize that though God does determine the ends, He likewise determines the means.

So to get back to my original question, why is it that so many potentially great men of God never seem to reach their full potential?

I think the answer is Prayer, or lack there of.

How easy is it to shame a man by asking them how their prayer life is.
How often am I ashamed when someone asks me how my prayer life has been.

As I read through R. Kent Hughes book “Living on the cutting edge”, one of his opening principles for spiritual leadership is dependence on God through prayer.
If you take the time to read through Exodus 17.8-15 you will come to realize that Joshua didn’t win that war with the power of his army, but by the Power of God. Thus Joshua learned an important lesson that day; that the foundation of any victory lies in God’s power.

How true is that for us today? So many “spiritual leaders” are attempting to minister by the power of self, rather than leaning on the power of God through prayer.  Have we forgotten that we are wretches, sinners and powerless in the spiritual realm apart from God? Hughes writes, “No one attains true spiritual leadership who thinks that his power is his own or that past victories are due to his own genius. The overriding lesson Joshua learned at Rephidim was that the backbone of any work done for God is prayer.”

I give a hearty AMEN to that!

All things done apart from Him is chaff. Prayer and dependence on God will enable any man to do great and lasting things for the Kingdom.